Sugar Ray Journal – Vancouver 2001

Sugar Ray on GetMusic
Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

*after reading this post it’s kind of redundant and a little boring perhaps… but such is the way of life on tour sometimes. It’s not always the most exciting thing. You’re just trying to do things right sometimes and not drink yourself into a coma to be some lame-ass rock star casualty. So, sometimes you turn in early and don’t go big after a show. This post reminds me of how business like some days can be. When I read the ‘signed a few autographs.. ‘ it seems flippant as I read it back, but it wasn’t meant that way. It was just something I did. You always feel grateful if ANYBODY ever wants your signature. But it was also just one of the things out of many that you do during the day: eat, sleep, drink, perform, meet, hang out, screw around, watch TV, read, rest, rinse & repeat. So although this may never be counted as great prose, it does capture a very typical day on the road. Some days were more controversial that others. This wasn’t one of them. Cheers. Continue reading “Sugar Ray Journal – Vancouver 2001”