Tell Me What To Write

Really crazy that I wrote this nearly two years ago. And so many great questions came of it. What I didn’t anticipate was how hard some of the answers would be for me to write.

It’s public knowledge that Stan and I are in the middle of a lawsuit regarding the band Sugar Ray that we all built together, but we have never spoken of it, preferring to handle it behind closed doors and amongst ourselves. Sugar Ray is something that Stan and I have been in for half our lives, for 24 years, and to go through something this messed up has been quite a trip.

So then these questions come it.. and they’re great questions! And I was excited to answer them. But then I put the keyboard in front of me and…. blank… I couldn’t write them. I know the answers but it was stuck because some of the answers would reveal the truth that we have been hiding and preferring to keep quite amongst ourselves.

I will answer some of them now because the severity of what has happened and the shock of dealing with this ugly matter has subsided a little bit and there is some distance to stomach it.

Again, if you wrote in asking me a question, thank you so much and I whole-heartedly apologize for it taking this long but perhaps this explanation will help you understand why your questions when ignored.

Most of all, thanks for following and thanks for listening.


I have been in bands a long time. And I love to write.

Anything you want to know?

Anything at all?

I would appreciate it if you could ask me to write something, if you have a question or a curiousness to what being in a band on the road, writing songs, vomiting from a moving van in the rain in Seattle, writing a hit song, having people hate you, having people love you, recording studios, psychotic breakdowns on the road, industry people and their suits and smiles.. If any of that interests you and makes you curious, I would love to hear.


Bands I have played in.

  1. Animositywanted to be punk rock, settled for a garage band from Irvine (1983-86)
  2. The Shamandoors-ish jam-ish rock mix (1986-87)
  3. The Shrinky Dinxheavy metal beginnings of Sugar Ray (1988-1995)
  4. The WeirdosI replaced Zander Schloss for their 1990 tour opening…

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Question to those who follow my blog

First of all, for those who receive my blog via email, I want to say thank you for following me. Second, I’m not posting this on Facebook or Twitter, I only want to ask those who have chosen to follow me.

If you haven’t noticed, I blog about two things in here- music and photography.

I have played music for half my life in the band Sugar Ray. I have a lot to share and write about music, touring, my times in the band, what it takes to make it.

But I’ve also taken a huge detour into photography as a creative outlet for me, and I find myself writing about it a ton.

So here’s my question: Should I just split it into two separate blogs?

We all have so little time to waste these days… I don’t want to waste your time if you are only interested in my perspective on music. Or vice versa.

Know what I mean?

If you answer me, awesome. If not, thank you for following me in the first place.

Have a great day.

I love you.